Find the bets commercial property in Kathmandu with the help of the best rental company in Nepal.

The demand for commercial property in Kathmandu is on the rise. Entrepreneurs and business owners are flying in to find the best property. Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu, is more than just a place of historical and cultural significance. It’s also an emerging hub of the entire country. Finding the right commercial real estate is harder than ever.  So establishing your base of operations or a corporate business in Kathmandu is very tempting.

Commercial Property in Kathmandu and their locations

Areas of Kathmandu, like Durbarmarg, Thamel, Lazimpat, Tinkune, Dilibazar, Putalisadak, Baneshwor, and Koteshwor, are popular for Commercial Property in Kathmandu. Kathmandu has various commercial properties ideal for various endeavors, ranging from premium retail locations to modern office spaces. Developers are focusing on building commercial buildings with cutting-edge amenities in excellent locations in Kathmandu.

Durbar Marg:

As it leads to the Royal Palace of Narayanhiti, it is flanked by luxury hotels, shopping malls, travel agencies, and embassies. Acquiring office spaces and premises near the Royal Palace raises the area’s reputation and desirability.


Thamel is known for its narrow alleys, crowded with various shops and vendors. The main compelling reason why this residential and commercial property in Kathmandu is popular is due to it being the tourist hub of the capital.


Lazimpat is highly renowned for its hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, embassies, and retail stores, and it is near the Narayanhiti Palace. Many corporate offices, including banking, education, and broadcasting, are located in Lazimpat, which bodes well for real estate investment, sales and trading, and educational investment in Kathmandu.


Renting out office spaces at Tinkune is a great idea, especially for airport-related training centers and educational consulting. Freight and courier services are also a viable option as Tribhuvan International Airport is very close to it. Therefore getting a commercial property in Kathmandu in that area makes it an attractive option.

Dilibazar and Putalisadak:

With its vast accessibility to different business enterprises and government institutions, office spaces in these locations are desired by everyone. It promises diverse opportunities for growth and strategic positioning for a company.


This area has growing commercial activities and business developments that attract entrepreneurs from all over Kathmandu. Therefore, it has the potential to become the best location for commercial property in Kathmandu.


The strategic connectivity, especially with the airport and major highways, makes it an attractive area for commercial real estate investment. It offers businesses accessibility and growth for many businesses as it is a major transportation route used by all.

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