Rental Services

Yoj House rental refers provides renting service of a house or other residential property for a period of time, typically in exchange for regular payments called rent. When you rent a house, you typically sign a lease agreement with our company that outlines the terms of the rental, including the duration of the rental period, the amount of rent to be paid, and any rules or restrictions related to the property.

In most cases, when you rent a house, you do not own the property and do not have the same rights or responsibilities as a homeowner. However, you are typically responsible for maintaining the property and keeping it in good condition during the rental period. You may also be required to pay for utilities, such as electricity, gas, and water, as part of the rental agreement.

Renting a house can be a good option for people who are not ready to commit to homeownership, or who do not want the responsibilities that come with owning a home. It can also be a good option for people who need temporary housing or who are planning to move to a new location in the near future. So contact Yoj Rental for the professional renting service.

An apartment rental service from Yoj rental  helps individuals find and rent apartments or other types of residential properties. These services typically operate online or through physical offices, and they may offer a variety of services to assist with the rental process. We also provide information about available properties, assist with the application process, and help facilitate the signing of a lease. We conduct the activities such as credit check or background check services, or may provide resources for renters to find roommates or sublet their apartments. If you are looking for an apartment rental service, you may be able to find one by searching online through our website and social media pages.

Infrastructure rental service refers to a business that rents out infrastructure, such as buildings, equipment, and facilities, to other businesses or organizations. This can include things like office space, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and event venues.

Yoj Rental typically offer a range of options for businesses to choose from, including short-term rentals for events or projects, and longer-term rentals for more permanent needs. Some infrastructure rental service companies may also offer additional services, such as maintenance and repair as well.

Apartment Flat on rent

Don’t miss the chance to call this 5th-floor haven your own! Contact us today for a viewing and booking

House on Rent

Perfect layout and space for SME Companies for the office at the lalitpur. 🏠 Location : near Satdobato chowk.

Apartment on Rent

Perfect layout and space for SME Companies for the office at the lalitpur. 🏠 Location : near Satdobato chowk.

Office Spaces for rent

Office Spaces for rent in Dhumbarahi Marg! Strategically located just steps away from the temple. Ideal for Banking ..

Luxurious 2.5-storey House for Rent

This stunning, fully-furnished 2.5-story house is available for rent in the prime location of Sano Hattiban, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur.

Land For Sale

Looking for the perfect location to build your dream home or investment property? Look no further!