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Secure Investment are Real in Our Company.

Yojana Investment is an investment management company based in Nepal that started with a unique concept to provide an investment platform for people with hard-earned savings looking for investment opportunities. Recognizing the gap between entrepreneurs who require investment and investors who have low to middle-level savings willing to invest, Yojana Investment aims to close the finance and business support gap for entrepreneurs while providing exceptional and secure investment opportunities to investors. We aim to support businesses not just financially, but also provide business support via Financial Analysis, IT and Business Consulting, etc. which will help to secure the performance of the business as well.

We are a  reliable connecting source for all level investors and entrepreneurs by actively managing the investments of the company to help the investors reach their financial goals. We aim to accomplish this by adhering to our principles, providing top-notch business support activities, and following our investment strategies.


Roshan Shrestha

Yojana Investment is founded by Mr. Roshan Shrestha. Mr. Shrestha is the CEO and Founder of different companies like (Aviation Training, management consulting, e-commerce, Telehealth services, Software Development Company). He has completed his Master’s in Strategic Management from the UK. He has conducted business audits in more then 4500+ companies from different industry also he has provided training in various management topics to the business houses. He is a certified auditor for different ISO standards working on behalf of more then 10+ international certification body recognised by different global accreditation. He has also recently been accredited as a reviewer for ‘Certified Entrepreneur to German Standards’ from German Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. 

Led by a very well experienced business consultant, Yojana Investment also has its team for:


Our target is your financial independence


To be a realistic investment company with the desired ROI.


To accelerate the startups and entrepreneurs by providing investment opportunities for their sustainability.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Sonam Lama

Digital Marketing Officer

Binod Nepali

Account Officer

Anjila Deula

Training Coordinator

Yojan Shrestha

Software Developer Intern

Ansha Malla

Documentation Officer

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