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Loan Investment

Yojana Investment provides loan investment services to keen individuals who are looking forward to financial support to grow their investment portfolio. We provide loans for investments which will help the receiver scope out new possibilities from their investments. As we lend in a lump sum for an investment that has the ability to grow in value over time, we realistically target returns higher than the market.

Foreign Direct Investment

Nepal is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investors to invest in due to its unexploited market and huge market potential. Many Nepalese entrepreneurs are challenged while securing funds for their businesses from traditional banking methodologies. Yojana Investment will offer its expertise to connect entrepreneurs from all sectors and geographies with foreign investment. We ensure conflict-free, convenient process-driven, low-cost high-quality service to reach the financial goals and objectives.

Sales & Trading

We know what works best in Nepal. Yojana Investment makes investments in companies that can be fostered by our industry knowledge, operating experience, and networks. Targeting investments within the trading sector ecosystem of Nepal, the sales and trading sector will be one of the focused sectors of the investment. Backed by our proactive research and market knowledge, companies in the sales and trading sector with the vision of sustainability that have the potential to gain above-market growth will be screened for investment purposes.

Technology Investment

Investing in Innovation Understanding the emerging Nepalese Technology market and the need for technology advancement, Yojana Investment has an interest in broadening its portfolio by investing in the technology sector. The lack of funding in this sector has slowed the growth of potential companies resulting in unexploited masterminds. Yojana Investment takes this as a huge opportunity to use the potential human and technical resources of Nepal to create exceptional innovations suitable for Nepal. We believe investing in technology offers the best potential return for our investors, for the invested companies, and for Yojana Investment.

Real Estate Investment

Affordable, accessible, and sustainable real estates are quite a catch in Nepal. With many geographical regions available which can be sustainably used for real estate purposes, Yojana Investment funds such real estate. Real Estate Investment will focus on attractive lands, housing, infrastructure development, etc. which will provide a higher return on investment. We offer our investors to leverage their share on high-return real estates screened by our experts. We acquire the real estate and improve the assets throughout the investment duration to retain and increase the valuation.

Educational Investment

Investment in education has been very minimal in Nepal. To uplift the education industry and provide ample national and international opportunities to Nepalese students, Yojana Investment will be investing in various scholarships, awards, events, etc. providing quality educational experience opportunities to the Nepalese students.


We make your investment work harder

Looking at the investment scenario in Nepal, there are very few options for investors to explore. Investors with huge resources can explore various scalable options, however, we acknowledge various investors who have limited resources to invest but are looking for long-term returns. Investors who have worked abroad for several years and want to invest their savings, investors who are looking to secure their child’s future, investors who have moderate savings but want to get into the business, etc., are a few scenarios that many people face but don’t find a reliable source to consult for these.

Yojana Investment, thus, targets investors like above mentioned to get on board with the company. The investors invest in Yojana Investment and will own the share of Yojana Investment itself. Yojana Investment will scope out companies to invest in, and once the investment is made, Yojana Investment continuously analyzes the performance of the invested company through its expert team which helps to secure the investment outcome. Ultimately, the investors who invested in Yojana Investment become liable to profit from all the companies that Yojana Investment invests in.

Returns and Dividends

Yojana Investment screens all the aspects of investment before finalizing any funding, thus, investors of Yojana Investment can expect a good amount of returns in the form of dividends and other forms. Our top priority is to help our investors reach their financial goals and independence.

Ownership of Multiple Companies

Invest in Yojana Investment and become an investor in multiple companies. As you own the share of Yojana Investment, the company will invest in many other potential companies, ultimately, making you the shareholder of many companies. Thus, your investment will have a diverse portfolio and controlled risk mitigation.

Opportunity to enter the Management of invested business

As the company invests in other companies, the shareholder of Yojana Investment will have the opportunity to participate and contribute to the management of the companies funded by Yojana Investment. This allows investors of Yojana Investment to have an impact on the management of the funded companies.

Secure and Reliable

A top-notch team of experts, confidentiality, and security will be provided in terms of technology and management of the company. All the legal and management compliance will be fulfilled by the Yojana Investment.


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